Friday, July 20, 2012

Homeschool 2012-2013

The kids and I are ready to start up again so I thought I'd share what we'll be doing this year. The plan is to do school M-Th. 

Maeve, 7, second grade

Math: Life of Fred 
I plan to have her do a chapter a day unless she needs a break. I will supplement with a generic Usborne math workbook that looks good. 

Science: Sonlight C
This is already planned out for me and I love it. 

Phonics/Handwriting/Grammar: Progressive Phonics, Explode the Code, Handwriting Without Tears, Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Book 1
She'll work on each one once a week. 

History: Lesson Pathways
I used Lesson Pathways to outline our year. The website does a decent job providing relevant links, projects, and information, however, I will also use a few Usborne books. I'm not sure yet how often we'll do history. I will guage interest and go from there, but I'm thinking twice a week unless there is a lot of interest on a topic. 

I am not planning anything formal for language arts because I do not think there is much of a need at this age. Each kid has a book list and we will read chapter books as a family. We're currently reading Little House on the Prairie. 

Finnegan, 5, kindergarten

Math: Singapore 1A
He's almost finished with this one and will move to 1B upon completion. He loves math and will work at his own pace. I also bought him an Usborne generic math workbook if he gets bored. 

Science: Sonlight C
He'll work with his sister.

Phonics: Progressive Phonics and Explode the Code
Finn is already reading so he'll be skipping ahead in Progressive Phonics. He'll one or the other everyday. 

History: Lesson Pathways
He'll work with his sister. 

Oren, 3

We'll go through a letter a week and use a lot of sensory play. 

All of the kids will be utilizing thier workboxes this year. They have number lines and everything and I'm hoping it encourages individual work. 

As always, I wil tweak as we go. I might also start having them do a bit of reading so they settle down before dinner. I keep try to create little reading nooks, but the kids turn them into chicken nests or forts. Or boats. Or islands. get the idea. 

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