Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life with Four

I am busy.

Laundry is never ending and having to wash diapers again means that stuff gets piled up. I taught Maeve how to do the laundry and it was awesome for about a week. After that she decided that laundry really wasn't much fun and requested a new chore.

I am constantly feeding people. Oren opens the fridge no less than 50 times a day.

Maeve and Finn are good, although they've been bored lately because it's been too hot to do anything.

Tillie is three months old. I'm not sure how that happened. She's a sweet baby and has huge smiles. She has found her voice and hands and is really trying to roll over. I usually let her have some naked time whenever I change her diaper and she moves her legs all over the place. As soon as her diaper is on, she stops moving. It's funny. The boys are constantly in her face and it drives me crazy. Maeve almost always watches from afar and will try to cheer Tillie up if she starts crying.

The garden is out of control with weeds this year and I've given up. I honestly don't have time to do anything productive outside. It's a bummer because I love kale and chard and have none for the freezer. We did have quite a bit of peas and have 70 tomato plants so it's not a complete loss. I might end up with some squash too, but I'm not holding my breath. I barely manage to change my underwear everyday at this point so it's not surprising the the weeds in my garden are taller than me.

I've given the chicken feeding/watering chore to my husband. I do enjoy the chickens. We have one chicken that is a couple of weeks younger than the others. It was a moment of weakness at the feed store. The youngest is a buff orpington and she is so much smarter than the others. Anytime I bring them scraps, she gets right in there and takes what she wants before the old ladies shoo her away. Then the other pullets chase her around and are jealous of her awesomeness and ability to steal food. Chickens are wonderful creatures and I would watch them all day if I could.

I have come back to reality and have stopped considering the possibility of us moving this year. It's not going to happen. I really want an acreage, but I need to be happy here at least two more years. There are too many unfinished projects and I have an anxiety attach just thinking about cleaning the house for a showing. That would involve doing things like scrubbing the baseboards and finishing the paint projects I started four years ago. I am confident we'll move eventually and when we do, it'll be bittersweet.

I have several sewing projects that need to get done. I have 14 diapers to cut out and sew, two skirts for Maeve, three skirts for me, a couple of headbands, some pants or shorts for the boys, and chair seat covers for the dining room chairs. I'm hoping to get the diapers done in the next few weeks and then start on everything else. Tillie hates the sewing machine and will not sleep through it if I'm wearing her.  Apparently she can't be bribed with the promise of a cute diaper butt.

So that's it. Sort of. It's not even the tip of the iceberg. I do love having four kids, but most days I'm happy that Tillie is my last. Haha. I said that after every kid.

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