Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Fun School, Week 1

We are slowly easing back into a formal learning routine. Our first week went well.

Oren: learned about the letter A and enjoyed tracing with a dry erase marker and cutting things, he is not at all interested in letters

Finn: completed about 20 pages in his DK Math Made Easy workbook, worked on his Explode the Code

Maeve: completed six pages in her Explode the Code workbook, started Handwriting Without Tears and we worked at correcting the way she writes letters (she likes the correct way and thinks it's easier), completed one chapter in Life of Fred and practiced addition on Khan Academy site. We also studied apes/monkeys, giraffes, and bears for science. In history, she learned about the land bridge and tectonic plates. Maeve is finally starting to grasp numbers and I might start her again on Singapore 1B. I think she needs more drilling and number practice and Life of Fred isn't cutting it. Also, between Life of Fred, science, and history, it seems like all I do is read.

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