Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Fun School, Weeks 2 and 3

Ha. I'm already behind.

Maeve is really enjoying Handwriting Without Tears. It is helping her write slower and is correcting the way she writes. Maeve has started using lower case letters and she rarely writes backwards.

Maeve is improving is math as well. She is finally understanding numbers and addition. I've switched her back to Singapore 1A because she needs and wants more drilling and Life of Fred does not provide that. Maeve has been using Khan Academy online and that is working well for her too. She writes most of her numbers correctly, however, she starts to write them backwards after she's been working for awhile. It was funny because we were working on numbers that add up to 10 and Finn would interject and say things like "What's 200 minus 190? 10!!" He's way beyond where Maeve is in math.

We've been working on Sonlight Science C and reading about bats, giraffes, elephants, and tigers. Maeve is not at all interested because it's not about frogs.

I'm on the fence about history. I have all of the history for the year planned, however, it doesn't seem to even moderately entertain my daughter. We learned about the Mayans, who were a fascinating group of people, and Maeve was not impressed. I'll keep at it for awhile, but am considering pitching it and doing history in a very relaxed way. We are slowly reading Little House on the Prairie (do people still underline books? I feel funny underlining it) and I might just focus on that as our history. We talk about historical things often and since it's not required by the state until sixth grade, I'm probably not going to stress about it.

Finn has been doing a lot of math worksheets and adding with dice. He can add three digit numbers, but only in his head. He has also been working on Explode the Code and his handwriting is getting better.

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Not to be "that" person, but book titles are technically italicized. If you are writing by hand and can't italicize, then underlining is acceptable. Me = former copyeditor and technical writer.