Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Fun School, week 6

We had a very productive week!

The kids used their imaginations in a crazy, good way and have been construction workers for most of the week. Today, they are construction workers who are following a pirate map to buy sports equipment. I'm not really sure how that is all connected other than they found golf clubs in the garage and my hidden stash of hammers on the front porch.

I found Little House in the Big Woods at the thrift store this week and we've been reading it together at meals and bedtime. It's prompted a lot of questions and talk about food preservation and why we do the things we do.

I thought Finn would have a good time helping me build a pendulum, but he thought it was lame. Oren helped me instead and Maeve thought it was neat.

Maeve continues to work through Singapore 1A and is a little over half way through the book. Numbers are so much easier for her this year! We worked on Language Lessons, read parts of a Titanic book, and did Handwriting Without Tears. She loves her handwriting book. 

This week Maeve decided to start a frog business called Fun Frogs. Like any good entrepreneur, I had her create a business plan. I gave her a binder so that she could figure out her start up costs and profit margins, create brochures, and come up with an advertising campaign.

First, we went to Petsmart to check out check out prices of frogs and crickets. 

Then, Maeve wrote the diet and habitat of each frog she wants to sell. She helped me put all of the information into a pamphlet, which she plans to pass out with her business cards and with the purchase of a frog or tadpole.
She also made a list of how she can market her business.

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