Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Fun School, Week 7

We've been doing much of the same.

The dollar spot at Target was 50% off so I bought several addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division work books. Maeve and Finn have been diligently working. Maeve has told me that she loves math and it's what she wants to start with everyday. I'm happy. She finished the addition workbook.

Finn is funny about math. He can very easily count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, etc., but multiplication is hard for him. I can say "count by 6s five times and he'll get 30, but if I ask him what 6 x 5 is he doesn't always know how to answer.  He'll get it eventually.

I decided mid week to scrap Sonlight science because no one seems to be interested. I think we are going to learn about all kinds of amphibians and maybe end the year with a presentation of sorts and a big display board. Finn wants to learn about bowling so I think we'll turn our hallway into a bowling ally. We'll learn about candle pin, duck pin, nine pin, and ten pin bowling and how to score them all. We started reading about the history of ten pin bowling, but Finn wasn't entirely interested.

Hm. Honestly, I don't want to completely scrap Sonlight science. I think we'll keep working through it once or twice a week and see if the kids get interested. It might just be that they don't care about body stuff yet, but another topic will pique their curiosity.

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