Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I love these. I don't remember where the first excerpt came from, but the second is from a blog called Chocolate on my Cranium.

"When I’m faced with bickering siblings, a demanding child, a burnt dinner, a telephone ringing…all at the same time…I deeply feel my inadequacy and lack of spiritual goodness. I want to lash out and grumble and throw the phone across the room~ :) I want to use strong emotions to communicate and change the situation! But if anything good is going to come out of me, I must rely solely on God’s grace in that particular instant.

Truth is, we all have a well we draw from. The poor in spirit draw only from the well of God’s grace. When life’s demands come knocking, we could pay with strong emotions, withdrawal, self-reliance, control, and many other fleshly solutions. But in time, the Lord will bring us to realize these are worthless, damaging, inadequate, and undesirable.

That is when we can learn a different way, the way of paying with grace.

The Kingdom way of living is relying each moment on the grace of God to lead, enable, and sustain. It is drawing deep on Him, breathing in and breathing out, trusting His sufficiency and goodness to be enough. And He does not disappoint.

So today, when you need to “pay out” to meet life’s demands, draw on Him (and maybe tuck this scripture away in your back pocket?)

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.”    II Corinthians 9:8"

"Motherhood isn't - as many may think - an easy vocation. To do it properly, to do it well, is increasingly difficult in a world that is steaming towards ever loosening morals and steadily chipping away at traditional family values. To make a stand and refuse to allow such things to seep into your home and affect the developing hearts and minds of your children is hard work.

In the eyes of our Heavenly Father, motherhood is higher than any walk of life. The world tries to tell women, "Do something important with your life." God says, "What is important is sitting at the dinner table staring at you." Children are not an interruption of your life's work, they are your life's work. The greatest vocation is found in the hungry eyes of an infant, the inquisitive stare of a child, the hopeful gaze of a youth, the confident stride of a teenager, and the independence of a young man or woman stepping beyond the bounds of home for the first time."

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