Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Fun School, Week 12

Math: Maeve worked on mental math and is quite good. She's still adding and subtracting, but she's half way through Singapore 1A and is getting it. Yay!

Language: Did some lessons out of Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind. Worked on handwriting. Read several books to her brothers and picked out a lot of library books and read those too. Maeve and Finn also did their first crosswords puzzle.

Science: Started learning about birds. Read about birds in general, birds that can't fly, and penguins. We'll stick with penguins for a bit since Finn loves them. We've started reading through the Magic Tree House research guide about penguins. I need to see if I have Eve of the Emperor Penguins and if not, I'll get it from the library. Maeve has lost interest in geeking out about frogs since they are all hibernating so we're sticking with Sonlight for science.

Finn got a library card which was a very big deal to him.

I worked on number recognition with Oren and he has no interest. No interest in the alphabet either. I need to put together a construction/building unit for him.

Tillie is learning how to crawl. Lord help me.

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Abby said...

I think I have Eve of the Emperor Penguins, if you want to borrow it.