Friday, November 16, 2012

Life Update

I majorly lack the time and hands it takes to post here. I've been trying to convince Tillie that sleeping by herself is a cool and worthy cause, but she's not buying it and wakes up in a panic if I'm not holding her or next to her. I'm sure this will change soon enough, so I'm trying to enjoy snuggles from my last baby. Well, probably my last baby.

We got a puppy. Have I shared that already? It was probably stupid, but Maeve is looking forward to teaching Wendy, the mutt, tricks and I'm hoping it will give her a hobby while the weather is cold and frogs are hibernating. The only problem is that Wendy likes to poop and pee in my house. She's doing better this week, but has been spending more time in her kennel.

School is going well. I have no clue what week we're on because I lost track, but Maeve continues to improve. She's breezing through Singapore 2A and working on numbers to 40. Maeve is able to add in her head and understands number sequence. Finn is taking a break from multiplication and division and is currently working on time. Maeve continues to work on Handwriting Without Tears and Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind. I'm also having her read to me more often.

Maeve was super excited to wake up one morning and see ice. She got out bowls and kitchen thermometers to measure the difference in temperature before adding ice to hot water and after adding ice. Maeve and Finn loved using the thermometers so I'll need to remember this for later.

We've starting our holiday ornament making. We've used salt dough and a baking soda/cornstarch dough. We all prefer the salt dough. Oren and Finn used reasonable amounts of paint and no one ended up naked and painted so it was a nice change of pace.

Oren has started to show an interest in counting. He can get to three. He can also spell his name. That's about where it stops for him. He does enjoy doing school with the other kids and makes an effort. I am hoping I can devote more time to his learning as Tillie gets older. She and Oren are in constant need of my attention that I just don't have time to get creative with the stuff Oren gets to do.

Tillie is getting a bit more independent. She's army crawling everywhere and rocks on her knees. She says "mama" and "dada", although doesn't talk too often.

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