Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello New Year!

Is it really 2013? I don't do resolutions, but here's my list of goals:

1. Expand the garden. I'm talking huge. I want to put up a whole lot of food for my family.

2. Paint all of the interior doors black. I have my husband's permission, but it's contingent upon actually finishing the painting. I have a problem with follow through when it comes to paint projects. It took me over a year to paint my sons' room and even then it was my mom who finished it.

3. Organize the house! My husband is building me a humongous pantry that will make most housewives swoon. I am looking forward to have extra storage and can't wait to see how it changes our living space.

4. Learn about beekeeping.

5. Get rabbits again. I think I want to do this, but I want to try to put them in a movable type of chicken tractor. We'll see about this one. I hated having rabbits, but I think I mostly hated our rabbit set up since it wasn't very user friendly. 

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