Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We took off the month of December to focus on being together and making gifts. I've been trying to start school for the past two weeks, but our house is under construction. We'll be super productive for a couple of days and then the kids' work areas will fill up with tools or the house will be so loud or dusty that the kids have trouble focusing. It certainly doesn't help that Daddy has been home on vacation for two weeks. It's been great having him home, but I'm ready to get back into our routine. I'm ready to have walls in my kitchen again too, but that's another post.

We should be ready to go by Monday at the latest. Here's our new daily schedule (As a side note, I love making schedules and have a schedule for everything) :

lunch free time/nature study

Nothing is a specific time and this is basically just the flow of our days. Maeve likes to see everything written so she knows what to expect. Our school breakdown is what I have tweaked. Here it is:

Family work
-Bible (we just finished memorizing the Lord's Prayer and will move on to the Ten Commandments)
-history (Mondays): I plan to read The Little House on the Prairie and we will cover information about the 13 colonies, pioneers, and Daniel Boone. We're working our way through the entire Little House series and I'm hoping we can take a trip to Laura's childhood home when we're finished.
-science (Tuesdays): Sonlight C, we're studying birds
*I might decide to do science and history everyday, but I want to focus more on math and writing since that's where Maeve needs the most work. She's improved a ton, but is not confident in either subject.
-art (Wednesdays): I'm going to pick an artist.
-music (Fridays): I'm going to pick a composer.
*Art and music aren't going to take up much of our focus, but I do want to introduce the kids to more since there's some really great classical stuff.

Individual work (daily)
-McDuffy's readers
-quiet reading

I've started looking at stuff for next year and am considering My Father's World. I want to continue to use living books for history and might end up loosely following Sonlight. I would like something that is already planned for me, but nothing I've found so far has made me too excited and there's no way I'm paying $600 for something.

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Abby said...

WVXU-FM has a nifty audio blog with a different composer each week aimed at kids. I am hoping to start using it in conjuction with a Charlotte Mason recommended book one of these days.