Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Burn Out

I'm burned out. Tired. Stressed. Ready for nice weather. Here are recent highlights since I'm  currently unable to construct proper paragraphs:

1. We added two truck loads of mulch to the area around our swing set last weekend. Not big deal, you say? Now my children will not be bathing in the mud pit every time is rains, which, by the way, is daily for those who don't know where we live.

2. Tillie is busy. All. Day. Busy. I can't pee without her getting into something. And sleep? Well, she's too buy for that right now. This means my only down time is around 10 pm when she has finally given up because all of her siblings are asleep. Except I'm useless and tired by 10 pm so my downtime is just brushing my teeth without chasing someone.

3. Oren has an atypical mole on his head. It doesn't look like melanoma, but I don't know. He has an appointment to see a dermatologist in a couple of weeks. I'm trying not to be scared or turn this into anything, but it does give me a bit of anxiety. He was under a lot of lights for high bilirubin levels when he was a week old and I worry this is somehow related. If anyone reading this feels moved to say a little prayer, I would appreciate that.

4. I would like some sunshine. The sun came out for a bit today and it was lovely. I need to see the sun for a few days. The raining and cloudiness does nothing to motivate me. I'm behind, as usual, on house work. I've created all kinds of cleaning schedules for myself and apparently delight in rebelling against them. Or maybe I can't keep up because a certain 15 mo old has learned how to find the staircase. Either way, I need sun!

5. Church. I want to go to church. I need to go to church. I still have not found a church that speaks to me. Does that sound silly? I don't care for the Catholic church close to my house. I want a Catholic church with a smaller sized congregation. The big churches in the city closest to me are overwhelming.

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