Saturday, January 28, 2012

Someday is Next Year

Most of my nesting energy has been spent obsessing over buying an acreage. I realize that putting our house on the market with a newborn and three other children is probably not a good idea, however, I can't stop myself from dreaming and dragging my family to look at properties I find online. Thankfully, my husband has stepped in as my voice of reason.

We have come up with a plan, and if we are diligent, we should be in a good position next year to buy an acreage. I am very excited. The kids are excited too and Maeve has already requested a pond so that she can hunt for tadpoles, frogs, and toads. Oren does not want goats unless they are babies and Finn said he wants some roosters.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Workboxes Revisited

I'm going to start using and filling the kids' workboxes again. I am hopeful that Oren can control himself enough to not dump the contents of his workboxes. We'll see. He needs to be part of our homeschooling time and this will give him a job and a bit of direction.

Finn enjoys workboxes too, although I'm going to talk to him tomorrow to find out what he wants to learn. He's not a crafty kid, but I do think he'll like some hands-on Montessori type activities. I ran out of creativity for the week though so this week Finn will get ordinal worksheets, computer games, and Explode the Code. I don't think he'll complain.

Maeve is tricky when it comes to workboxes because she needs a great deal of hand holding. I will continue to do school the way we've been doing it this year, but I will probably add 2-3 fun activities for her workboxes. For example, this week we're starting ancient Egypt (again, no interest the first time) and Thursday we'll talk about tombs so I'll put a tomb craft in her workbox. Her workboxes are currently full of her crap so cleaning a couple out will be a project for tomorrow.

As with everything else involving homeschooling, we'll see how this goes and I'll tweak as needed.