Saturday, July 9, 2011

Entrance Help

This is the door that is the most used in our house. The coat hooks are at kid level and work, but I have no idea what to do about shoes. We all have 2+ pairs around the house or by the door at any given time. I put the basket there to toss the shoes in, but digging around for shoes is not easy, fast or fun.

I've tried various shoes organizers, but we are not a shoe organizer kind of family. We like to pile. I am okay with piles, but I want organized piles. I think the basket needs to go since it's the wrong size and a bottomless pit of crap. What should I do? I would like this area to look a bit nicer, especially since I just finished labeling and reorganizing all of the bookshelves and toys. Should I have a shoe basket for everyone? Should I put the baskets on the floor? Any organizational products I should try?


Drea said...

what if you (meaning matthew) built a simple bench w/ the underneath area open? your shoes could go under there & it wouldn't be as noticeable that they were in piles...
i guess the stuff hanging from coat hooks would get in the way, though...unless the shoe baskets were pretty small, it may end up looking more cluttered to have 5 baskets there? maybe not. i don't know your preferences! sorry i'm not more help! =P

thefamilyschool said...

What about some shelves with baskets in them, with each family member having their own basket? The Itso shelves that are no longer available are perfect for this because they're sturdy enough sit on while you put your shoes on, or to sit a kid on while you put their shoes on them.