Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's Talk Baby Products

If I could only choose three baby items, this would be my list:

1. A comfortable baby carrier. I love wearing my babies. It keeps them close, is easy on the arms and makes getting things done easier. I have tried several different carriers and have a few favorites. The best carrier for brand new babies, for me anyway, is an Angelpack mei tai. For babies six months and older I like to use a Babyhawk mei tai. When Maeve was a toddler, I use my Ergo a lot, but I have since sold it because I have fallen in love with mei tais. I have been told to try a carrier made by a local mom at Wallypop, but her store is closed for now and I can't link to a picture or description. Anyway, if I am picking only one carrier, it's the Babyhawk brand mei least until I try a new one. 

2. A stroller. I adore strollers. The funniest part about that statement though is that I love baby wearing so much that don't even use a stroller until the kid is at least six months or older. I've tried a whole slew of strollers (at one time I had eight) and my favorite so far out of ones that I have owned is a Quinny Buzz. The seat is reversible and made of a memory foam type of material. The stroller unfolds by itself and it has a one handed push which is important to me because I almost always only have one hand or finger free. I use a double stroller for walks and I love it because it has an optional third seat and riding board so it could potentially hold four kids. Not like I'm planning ahead or anything. The next stroller on my radar is a Musty 4Rider because you can get a fun seat for it. Finn would love the fun seat and I would love containing him in public if only for a moment. And, if you are falling out of your seat looking at those stroller prices, rest assured that I have never paid full price for any of my strollers. I am cheap and love bargains. 

3. The third baby product that I love using and shopping for is cloth diapers. I have used cloth for almost four years now and think they are wonderful. I have moments every now and again when I have no desire to do any more laundry, but all in all, cloth is great. I have tried many different types of diapers and my favorites are called pocket diapers. They have a waterproof outer, microfleece inner and can be stuff with whatever you want to make them absorbent. Cloth diapers are my next sewing endeavor and I'm excited about it. My favorite diaper is no longer made so I made a pattern from one I own and can now make as many as I want for not too much money. 

As a side note, car seats are fun to shop for too, but boring to use so they were not included in my list. 

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