Monday, July 6, 2009

The Wheels are Turning

I really enjoy sewing and have been having fun making cloth diapers. So....

I need to read more about all of the new laws regarding products for children to see if starting a business is really something I want to do. I am getting excited thinking about it, but I get excited thinking about a lot of things and then reality sets in and I get completely overwhelmed. Obviously, I'd start small. 

Here's my to do list:
-draft a few more diaper patterns
-figure out what I want to sell (probably pocket diapers and fitteds since that's what I like)
-learn how to use my serger
-figure out start up costs and rules/regulations
-drool over all of the fabric that might someday be in my stash

In the meantime, I'm busy sewing Boppy covers and a few cloth diaper covers, making play felt food and putting together various pretend play kits (doctor, lunch, etc.) for the kids for Christmas. Yes, I wrote Christmas. We are doing an entirely homemade Christmas this year so I need to start early. I also want to figure out some neat woodworking projects for my husband that would use up some of the wood we've been storing in the garage for a couple of years. 


The Langes said...

I love the idea of a homemade christmas!!! We are taking the kids to Disney World in Oct and they already know that that is their Christmas present.

Anonymous said...

We did a mostly homemade one last year, and I have decided that we will do it that way from here on out. I love it. It feels way better than commercialized crap. Look at the Mother Earth News site-they may have links for woodworking projects. It seems like I saw something on there not too long ago.
We missed you guys last weekend, but I am exited for the new nephew.
And the diaper business...would be awesome. Unfortunately, knowing what Sarah at WP is going through and seeing the rules as they stand right now, there would be no way to get into it unless they changed the law. The push is for the companies who make the components to test, and the people who use those to make their product to not have to test again. But, at this point, is not the case. And the costs are outrageous. It would also work if they passed something where handmades were exempt, and some dumb congressmen thought they had written it that way so small shops would be okay. But they didn't. At this point anything as small as what you would want to do and Wallypop is going to be out of business selling kids' items. It sucks, as most the companies we like to buy toys from will be, too. But, if you want to sell black market, well, then, you'd be fine:) I'd trade you birds for diapers!
Sorry to be such a black cloud. I have just been following everything really close since it involves several of the awesome mamas I know.

Andrea said...

I love the idea of an all homemade Christmas, too! I remember you doing a lot of that last year. Hopefully I will be a good enough seamstress to do that this year!
Good luck on the diaper business. I suppose you could always try Etsy first to see if you even like the selling/customer aspect...

Heather said...

Thanks for the info Abby. I am definitely up for trading birds and diapers. I pretty much figured it would all be black market, but thought I'd at least educate myself about all of it.

We missed you last weekend too. I was looking forward to just hanging out, but I did some cooking for SIL and Mathew and his dad stocked their fridge so they wouldn't have to worry about food and a new babe.

I'm hoping we can all get together again soon.