Monday, October 19, 2009


Finn read his first word! He was looking at a pamphlet in the doctor's office and I heard him say "G-out. G-O-U-T. Gout" 

Finnegan knows all of his letters and their sounds. He can count to 20 without skipping numbers. He's not at all interested in writing, but absorbs everything he sees and hears. It's funny because he and Maeve are at about the same sound/letter recognition level, but Maeve is showing an interest in writing words she sees and spelling everything she hears.


Jen said...

Funny that "Gout" is his first word he's read! But, that is wonderful! He has a head start over a lot of kids his age (or kids in kindergarten for that matter). You should be proud, Heather!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Gout! :) LOL Maybe he'll be a doctor?!?! How's the little one doing? How are you doing?