Saturday, January 21, 2017


I haven't written anything since 2015. I must be busy.

Life is finally starting to settle down since adding a fifth kid to the mix. She is a spit-fire like the rest of them and is in to everything these days.

I decided late last year that I am ready to work on me. I want to be strong and fit again and feel good when I get dressed in the morning. Or afternoon. I loved doing tae bo workouts in college so I ordered two dvds. They are terrific! One disc has eight different ten minute workouts. The other disc has four longer cardio workouts. My goal is to do one ten minute workout everyday and the longer workouts three times a week. So far, so good! I feel fantastic and have noticed that I have more energy and am happier.

In addition to working out, I have started to eat more vegetables and protein. I also begin everyday by squeezing half of a lemon and adding a spoonful of raw honey to a quart of water. I honestly have no idea what benefits, if any, come from lemon water, but I know raw honey is good for you and the lemon is tasty.

I was thinking today that I still haven't written down my goals for this year so here they are in no particular order:

1. Get in shape. In a perfect world, this includes losing 30 lbs by June. That's only 5 lbs/month so I think I can get close.

2. Increase sales for my soap business. I have tons of inventory sitting on the shelves and need to figure out how to move/sell the soap faster. I also need to work on marketing.

3. Save money! We switched to an all cash system last year and it's been awesome! It's very similar to what Dave Ramsey preaches and has made a huge difference. We are saving for a recreational acreage since we are more than likely never moving from our current home.

4. Take more road trips with the kids as soon as the weather is nicer.

5. Add to the garden. I have a long list of herbal wonders that I plan to plant and want fill the four raised boxes my husband built last year. I also want to add grapes. I need grape juice during the winter. I mean nothing says summer like a glass of canned grape juice.

6. Expand my herb knowledge.

That's about it!

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