Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Friends

It's Saturday night and I am excited about gardening, learning to can and all of the various sewing projects waiting for me. 

How did this happen?

It's strange because so many people I know from college and high school still go to the bar regularly and would most definitely not get excited about canning. It's a shame too. I've been out of the bar scene since my last semester of college and have always felt like an outcast. I just have never seen the point in sitting in a smoke-filled venue, yelling to friends across the table and, call me crazy, but if I'm going to ingest something that is going to make my ass larger, it isn't going to be alcohol.

It's been a long road trying to find twenty-somethings who prefer to stay home, raise babies and get excited about nature and craftiness. I have finally found people who share my interests and have similar parenting and learning philosophies. I can talk to them about sewing pocket diapers, nursing past the age of one or homeschooling and they don't look at my like I'm growing another head. It's nice. 

I hope that warmer weather brings closer friendships.