Monday, March 23, 2009

19 weeks

I am almost 19 weeks pregnant with baby #3. 

When I was pregnant with Maeve, I kept a journal of my pregnancy and wrote in it almost everyday. We took belly pictures at regular intervals and her baby book has pictures and monthly updates until she turned a year. 

When I was pregnant with Finnegan, I attempted to keep a journal in MS Word. I got busy the latter half of my pregnancy because we were doing some major renovations to the house. We didn't buy Finn's baby book until he was a few months old and there are no pictures in it yet. I think I wrote updates until he was maybe six months old. 

So far with this baby, I have done nothing. No journal, no pictures, nothing. It's not because I love this child any less, but I didn't even think about all of this until recently. 

The one thing that this child receives more of than his/her siblings is kisses. Maeve and Finnegan hug and kiss my belly several times a day. Finn gets a huge smile on his face and then sticks his nose into my belly button to love the baby. Both kids pet and hug my belly and tonight I finally had to tell them that is was bedtime for the baby so they'd stop fighting over whose turn it was to hug my expanding waist.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Yes, that happened here too. :) Does my third even have a baby book? I can't remember! LOL :)