Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Out

Leaving our house is sometimes a huge ordeal. 

It starts by me telling Maeve 100 times to go potty and find her shoes. While she ignores me, I change Finn's diaper, get him dressed and put his shoes on. I also finish getting myself ready and once in awhile have enough time to add snacks to the diaper bag. 

Today the three of us were ready in under 45 minutes and we went out to the garage to load into the van. Finnegan is very attached to his blanket and I always make sure it's with us so I don't have to face the blanket-less tantrum. I got Finn buckled into his car seat only to have Maeve tell me that she had to have her blanket AND her dog. She has recently formed an artificial attachment to a blanket she received as a baby from her aunt. You see, Finn has a blanket and it's not fair that Maeve doesn't get to carry one around too. As for the dog, Finn loved this dog as soon as we got it and now Maeve has deemed it her special dog. 

So I sent Maeve inside to find her special things. At the same time, I let the our real dog inside and put her in her kennel. Maeve was ushered back into the van only to exclaim that she had to pee and was going to pee her pants if she didn't go RIGHT NOW. The only reason she had to go to bathroom was because she was wearing shorts that both zippered and snapped. She felt really cool being able to pull up and fasten her shorts herself. What better time to practice than when we are about to leave. 

As Maeve was running back to the garage, I decided that my bladder couldn't handle a trip to AND from the pet store. I was almost inside when Maeve said that Finn needed his stuffed dog too. So I peed, found the dog that is only special to Finn because Maeve says that it is and because it is a replacement for the truly special dog that Maeve is currently hogging. 

All of this took place in under 15 minutes, but I was very relieved to sit down and finally pull out of the garage.

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