Monday, March 23, 2009

Detergent and Deodorant...Again

The detergent is still great. I use the recommended 1/2 cup in my HE front loader and have no build-up problems. Our clothes come out looking and smelling clean. 

The deodorant is good. Slightly annoying, but good. It works really well as a deodorant. I don't stink even as I'm crawling into bed. The slightly annoying part is getting it out of the container and applying it. I have to scrape it out, roll it into a ball and smear it on my armpits. I spend a lot more quality time with my armpits in the mornings, but I suppose it's worth the extra effort. 

And forgive me if I've already written something similar. I am pregnant and my entire brain is being used by my uterus.

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