Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Additions

We are unable to have ducks where we live since they are considered livestock so we got the next best thing. Rabbits! 

The kids and I were taking a walk earlier this week when Maeve spotted a sweet little rabbit under an evergreen. We talked about the rabbit and what it might be doing under there and then continued our walk. On our way home, the rabbit was still in the same spot and then we saw some caged pet rabbits in someone's yard. It never occurred me to have a pet rabbit, but Maeve asked and Mathew and I agreed. 

I found a great deal on Craigslist (I love Craigslist) and we were able to get two rabbits and two cages (one cage is a very nice indoor/outdoor hutch) for less than it costs to adopt one from a shelter. Their names are Max and Ruby. Maeve had planned to rename Max Heart Princess Rainbow and call him a girl, but I think the name Max has grown on her. She also wanted Max in her room, but I like him way too much to have her hog him all of the time. 

Max tolerates the children surprisingly well. He lets them pet him without running away and even took lettuce out of Maeve's hand. He is curious enough to leave his cage and hop around my kitchen and living room. I would happily watch him hop all day. 

Ruby is a bit skittish. She's not fond of us just yet and jumps away when we try to pet her. Mathew let her out after the kids were asleep and she hopped around and did quite a bit of exploring. I am hopeful that she will one day like us and at least let me get close enough to clip her long nails. 

The dog, of course, is going crazy with rabbits in the house. I don't think she wants to eat them, but she is a retriever so I am certain they'd end up in her mouth eventually. Right now we have to listen to a lot of whining, but Bridget is quick to be submissive and lay down when I give her a command around the rabbits.  

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