Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Poo, Take 2

I am on a no 'poo kick again.

This time I am determined to go one month. If anyone reading is unfamiliar with no 'poo, it means washing your hair with only baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Scrubbing my scalp with baking soda isn't too troublesome, but using apple cider vinegar as conditioner is hard on my nose. I can smell the vinegar long after my shower has ended and I do not like smelling like a bad salad. I much prefer my store bought lime conditioner, but this is cheaper and is supposed to be great for my hair. We'll see.

I have very coarse, curly hair and the apple cider vinegar does seem to be a great conditioner. My hair is soft and tangle free. I use coconut oil in place of gel and that seems to be keeping me free of fuzz. Of course, the real test is going to be this summer when the humidity turns me into Bozo the Clown. I know that is a really old reference and probably specific to where I grew up, but I couldn't come up with anything else. Just know that my hair has a mind of its own in the summer. Anyway, my point is that the no 'poo method is supposed to make my curls beautiful and my hair very healthy looking. My hair feels healthy, but doesn't look so great right now. If I remember I will take a picture at the one month mark so you can see for yourselves.

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juliecache said...

another home school heather in our area has gone poo free off and on through the years. heather's moving castle.