Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week of Jan 3rd

We are back at it. We took two weeks off to let the office get messy and destroyed, to finish Christmas presents and crafts, to enjoy family and to play. I think the kids are ready for some more structured learning and I am ready to have a clean office again. Here is our plan for the week:

Geography: Europe
-find Europe on map
-find Italy
-teach the kids some Italian (I am hoping they remember it so that they can tell my mom "I love you" when she visits. My great grandparents would give me money anytime I said something in Italian.)
Science: teeth and dental care
-why brushing is important
-hard boiled egg experiment: soak egg in dark soda overnight and see what happens, write down predictions
Math: measurement
-read Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

-practice Italian
-La Befena review or maybe read again
-see results of eggs and brush them
-talk about the importance of flossing (maybe do flossing demo/experiment if they are interested)
-measuring video

-non standard measurement
-measure things around the house with various objects
Science: sense of smell
-good smells vs. bad smells
-why do we smell?
-plug nose and try to taste
-make Italian bread (I realize this doesn't fall into the geography category, but it goes along with La Befana and I didn't know how to categorize it)

-make a thermometer
-talk about what else we measure
-match the smells (use old spice jars)
Geography (again La Befana)
-put little candies or cookies in shoes and maybe give some to friends to celebrate Epiphany

Here are the links I'm using for this week. You will notice that I am not printing anything. Maeve used all of my printer paper and I haven't replaced it.
(Inch by Inch, measuring introduction) (make a thermometer) (Italian bread recipe)

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