Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week 1/24

Maeve said she wants to learn about the planets so that's what we're doing this week. I think we'll start by making a hanging solar system. I'm going to have Finn make some of the planets too because he needs to practice holding a crayon/pencil and cutting things out. I'm excited to show the kids how to use a compass to make perfect circles. I see a lot more circle crafts in the near future.

I'm hoping to find some easy readers about space/planets either online or at the library. I'm going to have Maeve do some copy work too because she needs to practice her lowercase letters and numbers. For whatever reason, the 2, 4, 7 and 9 give her problems and she always writes them backwards.

I want to play a spinning game too. I'll have the kids spin at different rates and pretend to be certain planets so we can compare the two. If I can find something, it would be fun to think up an experiment or activity about how their weight differs on each planets.

This week should be fun. I have lots of ideas and no formal plan so I'll be flying by the seat of my pants.

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