Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tin Foil Babies and Other Absurdities

My cousin, who is in her early 20s and single, told my mother today that newborns are wrapped in foil shortly after birth. She was serious. Apparently, she watched something on tv that showed a home birth and the baby was wrapped in a silver heat camping/space blanket. Not foil.

Another stupid thing I'd like to comment on is the Paleo diet which seems to be all the rage. It's basically the Atkin's diet of high protein and little to no carbs. Except if you're Paleo, you're eating like the cavemen. That sounds great and healthy, right? I mean I want to eat real food like cavemen. I was looking up breakfast ideas and found a Paleo recipe for brownies. Brownies just like the cavemen made using coconut flour and chocolate chips...wait.... This struck me as incredibly funny. I understand that eating real, whole foods is good for you, but it seems silly to use coconut flour and try to pass it off as a caveman food. Perhaps the cavemen did make their own coconut flour, but I am skeptical. I also seriously doubt that cavemen made brownies. Why not just call it a gluten free diet or something?

Last, and somewhat related to food, is Gatorade. I am not a fan of Gatorade and do not allow my children to drink it. It's full of sugar and food dye and doesn't add much of anything to their diet. My kids were given bottles of Gatorade at Halloween and started calling it protein. I have no idea why they started calling it protein and, in fact, try to not question most of what they do. When they say "protein" in regards to Gatorade, it sounds like "PROOOOTEEEEEN!!!" and they behave as though they've struck liquid gold. Up until two days ago, they had never even tasted Gatorade. Daddy, bless his heart, gave them some Gatorade in secret after he took them swimming. Their grandmother, bless her heart, gave them more Gatorade today. At one point today, I could almost swear my children were cavemen. Very thirsty cavemen who were incapable of speaking correctly. I heard "PROOOOTEEEN!!" at least 20 times while my lovely paleolithic creatures with bright red lips and chins chugged their disgusting beverages in the van on the way home. They don't get that from my side of the family. Hm, never mind. It was my grown cousin, after all, who thought newborns were wrapped in foil upon delivery.

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