Monday, August 5, 2013

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum

My oldest will be starting third grade this year. THIRD grade. How did that happen?

Here's what we're using:

Singapore Math 2B
The Handbook of Nature Study
    Fall: trees/scrubs/vines
    Winter: stars/skies
    Spring: amphibians
The Story of Our World, Vol 1
Thornton Burgess books for reading
First Language Lessons (this will be our second attempt and I'm hopeful she'll like it better or I might just have her keep doing Primary Language Lessons, I'm going to see what she thinks)
Handwriting Without Tears Cursive

My son will be starting first grade and he will work with his sister. He is still working on his printing for handwriting and not quite ready for Thornton Burgess. He'll do more easy readers and continue reading his comic books (Fox Trot and Calvin and Hobbs).

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