Friday, August 22, 2008

Life Happens

Ask any of my friends from college what my parenting philosophy was and they will laugh and tell you that I was excited to send my kids to daycare. 

I loved college and loved learning (still do actually) and was accepted into three graduate schools. I was ready to become a professional and although I wanted to get married and have children, they weren't exactly priorities. 

Then I fell in love and life changed. 

A little over a year after we were married, I became pregnant. Every notion I had about parenting went out the window after our daughter was born. Much to my surprise, we co-slept (still do), I nursed way past a year, I made my own baby food, I wore her or carried her for the better part of the day and I certainly could not have imagine anyone else caring for our child. Call it instincts, call it overbearing, call it whatever, but that little baby that was created out of love and grew in my womb for nine months (and then some since she was late...) changed my life. 

I don't regret never going to graduate school. I am looking forward to homeschooling our children (another thing I never thought I'd consider) and watching life happen.

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