Friday, June 17, 2011

The Laundry Room

I recently reorganized the laundry room so that it's more functional for me.

Each kid has their own column for clothes: shirts on the top, shorts/pants/skirts in the middle and socks and underwear in the tote on the bottom.

The brown totes are diapers and the three cubby thing is for my husband's clothes.
 This section isn't finished, but the bottom shelf is for my clothes and the upstairs towels. The middle shelf is for blankets and a few pillows and I haven't quite decided what I'm going to put on the top. It'll probably be for our emergency backpacks or other preparedness type stuff.
This is where I hang my husband's shirts and a few of my shirts. I have a card table next to the dryer so that I have a place to fold clothes and so that clean clothes don't end up on the floor. I also have a smaller round basket that I toss socks into as I find them. I go through the basket about once a week to find all of the matches.
Next to my fabulous old school washing machine (I am not even being sarcastic. I LOVE this thing and regret believing the hype about front loaders.), I have a cheap bookshelf for laundry detergent and laundry detergent ingredients, a jar for loose change, light bulbs and vinyl gloves. I don't have a need for vinyl gloves all that often, but I found an unopened box while I was cleaning.

I am caught up with laundry for the first time in awhile and have been throwing dirty stuff into the washer as soon as I find it. When the washer is full, I start it. I am hopeful that this new organized room will help keep the laundry under control.

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