Friday, April 8, 2011

Keeping It Real

This is what my kitchen looked like after dinner. Notice the huge, delicately balanced stack of pots in the sink? They are all still there because I didn't have it in me to do dishes after the kids fell asleep.
This is my living room. The yarn all over the floor is from Maeve taping a huge spider web onto the walls and then knocking it down. After knocking down the web, the kids took the ends of the huge ball of yarn and ran all over the house with it. The blocks are from a destroyed dinosaur house. I have no idea why the soccer net is in the living room.

 This is the always messy (with water all over the floor because Oren has figured out how to turn on faucets) bathroom. I put toilet paper on the holder every day and it's forever empty. I'm almost certain a great deal of it is waded up on the floor next to the toilet.

The toy area of the dining room. The monkey in the picture was very tired. The pillows and blankets were from the kids pretending to be dogs in a whelping box. Do you see the bit of yarn around the table leg? The dining room is not close to the living room.

All of the mess in the pictures is from today. I think the laundry room and half of my desk are the only clean spots in the house.

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