Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Yes, I have already started planning. I will be following this:

something to wear
something to read
something they want
something they need

-I'll make her a few skirts
-a frog book
-White's Tree frog
-Her needed item will more than likely be grouped with her new frog set up

-I'll make him some pants
-a bowling book
-Mario Party 9
-He needs a bigger bike and I should be able to find a nice one for cheap

-I'll make him some pants
-construction book
-Daddy will make him a tool bench
-nuts and bolts and a tool belt (I will make it)


-I'll make a taggie ball or stuffed animal

Stocking stuffers will consist of a few candy items and a photo book that recaps the year of each kid. I did this for them last year and they love looking at all of the pictures of themselves. I'm going to have them open a book for each day of December (I'll hit up the thrift store because books are only 25 cents a piece) and I might buy into the Elf on the Shelf thing this year because it looks like fun.

I'm still thinking about gifts for extended family members. The grandparents will receive pictures and I will more than likely make salves and the like for everyone else.

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