Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fun School, Week 4

We've been doing a lot of math. Both kids have notebooks and I've been giving them problems to write down and solve. Maeve really enjoys this and Finn enjoys knowing the answer before his sister and then keeping it a secret. We're breezing through Singapore 1A and I'm proud of Maeve. She's been working on subtraction and enjoys Khan Academy.

Finn hasn't had any sort of attention span this week. but he did sit still long enough for me to show him how to add big numbers and carry over on paper. Finn is working through Singapore 2A and started multiplication.

We are learning about digestion this week. I like the books we're using (The Usborne Book of Knowledge, Usborne Science Experiments, book 3, and a human body book). The kids were pretending to be Bob the Builder space travelers so we spent one morning talking about planets, their sizes, and then making up and drawing our own planets. Maeve's planets were frogs, of course.

Maeve's handwriting continues to improve as she works through Handwriting Without Tears. She's been working through Language Lessons for a Well Trained Mind and is retaining some of it!

I am so much more relaxed about school this year and love it. We do organized learning whenever we have a lull in the day, which is working beautifully.

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