Monday, November 3, 2008

Downward Spiral

I have a habit of clogging the kitchen pipes. Mathew could shove a week's worth of food down the garbage disposal and have no problems. I, on the other hand, put two noodles down there and the whole thing backs up. 

I loaded the dishwasher today and decided to finally clean out the sink since it was starting to take on a life of it's own.  Then Finn vomited all over the floor. Fine. Lots of vinegar and some new clothes took care of the mess. 

As I went to wash my hands in the kitchen sink I noticed that there was standing water in the sink. I ran the water and garbage disposal. Nothing. Still water. Fine. I called Mathew to see if he'd be coming home for lunch to take a look at the sink. 

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and what did I see? Disgusting sink water in the bathtub. So disgusting, in fact, that the dog had to sneak behind the tub to lap up the bit of nastiness that had leaked onto the floor. Normally I wouldn't have let her go back there, but I was busy plunging the bathtub and trying to prevent Finnegan from climbing into the oh so disgustingly fun water. 

The dog was stuck. It's happened before, but this time was problematic because a) Bridget has stitches on her belly and b) the tub was filled with shit. I called Mathew again, but he was nowhere close to home and probably not coming home for lunch. Fine. 

I tried to coax the dog to jump into the tub. Doesn't that look good, Brigdet? No luck. The stubborn bitch was still stuck. I gathered all of the strength that I had and  lifted the 66 lb dog up like I lift Finnegan and got her out. 

The dog was freed, but the sink and tub are still clogged. I'm a shower person anyway.


Leigh said...

At our Florida house if you put spaghetti in the disposal it always lead to disaster...but anything else was fine.

Let me know why if you find out!

april said...

Oh Heather! That sucks, I'm sorry.