Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting My Sew On

It's been almost seven months since my sewing machine has seen any action. Sad.

I have finally started working on new curtains for the living room. I have one panel done and am trying to decide if it looks too much like a fraternity style window covering. The fabric I am using is a blanket from India. I received it as a gift ten years ago (ten? How am I old enough to say that?) and it matches my living room perfectly. I just need to decide if I should make it look less blanket-y and turn the curtains into roman shades or something. I will probably be lazy.

I dug a couple of fabrics out of my stash to use for skirts. For myself. I am in desperate need of something girly. I love skirts. I have a whole pile of skirts. Unfortunately, the whole baby thing has ruined my figure for the time being. I have a lovely vintage piece of fabric that I'll use and a piece of jersey knit that will be a huge pain in the rear to sew. I need to replenish my supply of fabric. That will require some serious garage saling and thrifting this summer. I think I'm up for the task.

Also on my sewing list is another skirt or two for Maeve. She doesn't need them, but she picked out fabric a million years ago and I still haven't done anything with it. She reminds me often. She also has requested various costumes (a dolphin, five different kinds of bugs, a dog, a rabbit and more that I tuned out) that I might attempt. I wish it was fun to sew boy clothes. I'm not the world's greatest pants sewer, even though they're easy, and I've never attempted a shirt. Maybe I'll just make Finn a few bowling pin pillows and call it good.

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Katie said...

Envious ... I celebrate when I get a button on correctly. Have fun with your projects!