Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am Woman

I inadvertently went off on a tangent tonight about the problems this country has regarding childbirth. I will spare you all the details for now.

I must say, though, that a woman's body is truly amazing to me. 

I can create a life. 

I can grow a child in my womb. 

I can birth a baby. 

I can provide my child with a perfect (and free!) food. 

I wish more women saw the beauty in having a baby.  


Anonymous said...

AMEN! btw-I hope we didn't make you sick. If I had known the kids were coming down with something we would have stayed home. Oh, and your chickens are ordered. If you guys decide to try some in your backyard (I saw you on the urban chickens list) I can always move a few hens yoru way, and you can keep the rest out here. Anyway, ordered and I have your first bill;)

Heather said...

Sweet! Maeve has a very minor cold so far so no worries. I will leave the chickens with you this year.

UmmAslam said...

I am a Woman too, and totaly agree the beauty of giving birth and pregnancy I love it..... I am Woman! :)