Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Menu Planning

I am thinking about the delicious food I'm going to make tomorrow and thought I'd share about how I plan our meals.

First, we buy our meat in bulk. We have one large upright freezer and two fridge/freezers that we fill with beef and pork. It's nice not having to worry about meat when I plan our meals and I like knowing that I'm almost close enough to hear our cow moo.

Second, I plan meals according to the local grocery store ad and whatever is ready to be harvested in the garden. I love the farmer's market, but hate the crowd so I don't buy as much local produce as I probably should. I'm also not a fan of going several places for groceries because that requires a lot more work and planning on my part. Maybe someday.

Third, I take an inventory of our cupboards and freezers before we shop. Honestly, I've been a bit lacking in this area and my main freezer is so full that I have no idea what is in it. At least I know we have food, right?

This is my basic weekly outline:

Monday: pasta
Tuesday: We usually eat out with our extended family
Wednesday: tacos
Thursday: soup
Friday/Sat: This is our weekend so I don't usually plan anything
Sunday: breakfast

It has helped greatly to have a vague idea of what I need to cook so that even if I'm being lazy and don't plan a menu, I know that I will cook a pasta dish on Monday.

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