Monday, July 26, 2010


We didn't do a whole lot today because we have a nasty virus in the house and I wanted to get caught up on laundry before the sickness reaches the kids. I also spent a great part of my day spraying vinegar everywhere.

We read two dinosaur books and Maeve copied pictures of eight dinosaurs from the computer. She then colored them in, wrote the name of the dino on the top of the page and put them in clear page protectors. Finn colored in some dinosaurs, but was more interested in just holding his special triceratops, Tink.

Maeve picked tomatoes, basil, parsley, sage and kale to use in pizza sauce. She also picked mint for making tea. She took all of the mint leaves off the stem and put them in a pot of water. That inspired her to pick more herbs and kale. She put it all in a strainer, brought it to the table and offered everyone some of her food. She explained that since we were all triceratops we were herbivores and only ate plants for dinner. Finn is very good at following his sister's directions and took out a huge basil leaf and ate it with a smile.

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