Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today Maeve was a Palaeobatrachus. Maeve has been obsessed with frogs since Hopper, the tree frog, jumped into our lives. She and a friend recently discovered a bullfrog so Maeve is in full frog mode. She has gathered all of her frog stuffed animals, makes frog nests and makes her brother carry around all of his frogs.

We read a book today about the life cycle of frogs. We also read a book about fossils and another book about the different kinds of dinosaurs. She asked a lot of questions about the Apatosaurus and we talked about the differences between omnivores and carnivores.

Maeve kept calling herself a halaeobatrachus even though I made several attempts to correct her. Finally she decided to look the word up on the computer and discovered that I was right. I was proud of resourcefulness and ability to admit she had been wrong.

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