Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Cocoa Pouring

The kids played outside for about 30 seconds today and were very disappointed when I didn't have hot cocoa ready for them. I apologized for not being a magacian and graciouly made them hot cocoa. Well, lukewarm cocoa so there wouldn't be any complaining.

Oren loves to pour. He would probably sit and pour stuff for hours if he never got wet. Unfortunately, he sometimes misses and sometimes gets a bit creative about his pouring containers. Hot cocoa is no exception.

Do you see where all of the cocoa isn't going?

Oops. Or maybe he was sharing?

Lots of drippage.

Here you will notice his creativity. He put one glass inside the other. 

I'm sure it tastes better this way. If only it had gone into his mouth.

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