Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homemade Bread

I finally got around to making bread today and it was so delicious I had to make another loaf after the kids were asleep.

The recipe calls for a baking stone, which I don't own yet. I floured a cookie sheet, let the bread rise on it and then stuck it in the oven. I greased the cookie sheet for the second loaf and think I like flour on the bottom better. 

I will probably be baking a loaf a day it's that easy. 


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Oh yummy! Thanks for sharing how you baked it. A baking stone is on my wish list, and not having one is what has stopped me from trying that recipe. I think I'll have to give it a go and try the floured baking sheet. I usually use an Amish white bread recipe and make 4loaves at a time...but that artisan bread sounds like it would be really convienient.

Mama Podkayne said...

Their website also has instructions for cookie sheet and cast iron and dutch oven baking. My stone is a pain so I use a cast iron dutch oven, but I prefer the olive oil version of dough and that requires a floured cookie sheet and no steam tray (softer crust).