Saturday, April 11, 2009

Real Gardeners Wear Flip Flops

We managed to get carrots, lettuce and two varieties of peas planted today. They took up a lot more room than I had originally planned, but we are going to expand the garden anyway so it's not a big deal. I still need to get the onions, spinach and potatoes planted. I am nervous about planting potatoes because I've never grown potatoes and don't know quite what to expect. 

I started the peppers and tomatoes from seed this year and am hoping to plant 20 tomato plants and maybe 10-15 pepper plants. We will also plant sweet corn, green beans and a few other things I might pick up.

I love having a garden and being able to go outside in the summer and grab stuff for dinner. Everything tastes so good and the kids have fun eating veggies right off the vine. 


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Tee hee! I LOVE flip flops! Unfortunately, it will be a while before I can wear them to is so muddy here. I did decorate my mud boots a bit so I can tell mine apart from everyone else's and so the kids will know mine are mine! I am jealous that you are getting stuff planted outside! What zone are you in? I am zone 5. This will be my first year doing potatoes too. I can't stop by the store without grabbing yet another packet of seeds. We've been joking about my "seed addiction"...but I am beginning to wonder! I may need a 12 step group. :) Congrats on the baby boy to be!

The Langes said...

I am so jealous! I have always wanted to have a huge garden! Right now we have a really small yard and the soil in Texas is so rocky that you can't plant much in day though I will have a huge garden. I will tell you though with the potatos to make sure that the mounds are not in an area where there will be runoff becuase it will take away dirt. The nice thing though is that they don't really spread out from the mounds that you plant them in. My kids love to dig potatos out at their grandparents in the summer!