Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The beauty of homeschooling is that there are days when we can just go with the flow. My evenings lately have been filled with a teething baby and children who stay up way past their bedtime.

We have most definitely been doing things and learning, but I have slacked a bit on filling up the work boxes. We started our week by playing all day with friends. Today we went to the library and read several books together. Maeve used her very own library card for the first time and Finn picked out some books and a frog puppet named Fred. We read a few dinosaur books, Maeve started making her own dinosaur book and the kids and I created a dinosaur wonderland using recycled stuff, foil and homemade play dough. It was awesome and even Finn got into it.

Sunday afternoon Maeve decided that she wanted to sell all of the cherry tomatoes she had collected throughout the weekend. She carefully wrapped the tomatoes in Halloween napkins and taped the tops closed. We also wrapped up brownies that had just come out of the oven. Maeve decided to sell each brownie or cherry tomato bundle for 25 cents. She made a sign and we set up shop in the front yard. Maeve completely ignored her first customer because she didn't want to talk to a stranger. We talked about how to operate a business and by the end of her business venture she was telling "Brownies, cherry tomatoes, 25 cents a piece" to each person and car that passed. She was very proud of the money she earned and I was proud of her enthusiasm.

Finn has really been into playing games. He is constantly getting into our game closet and asking to play something. I love it, although he needs to work on putting away the pieces of the games instead of leaving them all over the office floor.

Oren has been teething and eating crap off of the floor. And killing me with his curls and gapped teeth.

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